African inspired luxury, a healing oasis for your souls balance.

It’s a unique union of relaxation and muscle pain relief in Charlotte, NC

spa of Africa


What is Zamariya and why is it unique?


What makes Zamariya so unique, it’s the peace and beauty of Africa in a busy Charlotte, NC

Zamariya is a wellness retreat, a serene setting with nature-infused elements. Surrounded with authentic African textiles, wares and artifacts.

Zamariya offers a variety of unique treatments for the body, whether you need total relaxation, rejuvenation or pain relief.

 Zamariya signature treatments will fit your needs. 


Zamariya is Charlotte’s African spa destination, a journey into opulence.


"Experiences are the things that create lifetime memories."

Simply Amazing!!! Have been working with Anita for over a year. She is very attentive and takes the time to get to the source of the issue and educate her clients as to what is going on and why. She has been able to target areas of previous injuries to relieve pain and helped speed the recovery of new injuries. Her assessments were confirmed by an ortho & physical therapist, so she definitely knows her stuff! So glad to be working with her. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else! 


—  Marie

 “The Journey”

Ultimate Experience

The Journey begins with a gentle exfoliating brushing to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow. Next stop is a full body Himalayan Salt scrub infused with natural African body butters and our signature scent, which renews skins cells and moisture, resulting in soft glowing skin. After salts are gently removed, guests are treated to a stress dissolving full body massage using hot granite. This treatment combines heat retaining stones and rhythmic massage movements to warm the muscles while simultaneously relieving muscle tension. The Journey continues with a cold white quartz crystals used to heal and relieve muscular inflammation. Finish with a gourmet bag of goodies and your choice of flavored oxygen. The Journey signature treatment results in your arrival to your destination- Ultimate Relaxation.


*Allow 2.5-3 hours for this experience

Savannah Moonlight

Traditional massage with a 4-D experience that works to slowly and gently release tension in the body. Long slow kneading and effleurage strokes ease, rejuvenate tired and sore muscles. This massage is good for gently calming the body, mind and promoting a sense of relaxation and renewed energy by rhythms of Africa drums.

60 mins $85

90 mins $125

African Safari

Neuromuscular Therapy also known as Medical Massage works well with physical therapy, pre or post operation or post acute injury. The continual wear and tear of the body can create an imbalance over time. You can experience reoccurring chronic pain, pain that can lead to many dysfunctions and conditions such as, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, planar fasciitis, sciatica, TMJ disorder, chronic neck and back pain.  This is not intended for relaxation but for pain relief.

                                     Packages are available for this service as several sessions may be required.


60 mins $100

90 mins $150


The following can be adding $20

  •   Kinesio-taping

  •   Medi-cupping   

  •   IASTM

  •   Hot and cold therapy 

Maasai Warrior
Sports massage

As a athlete you put great care into the training and the conditioning of your body. Include massage therapy in your routine of care, to help prevent injuries and assist the body repair when muscles are over trained. Sport massage session are designed for each athlete unique muscular needs. Targeting muscle tension release, pain and flexibility as you increase range of fluid motion.


Sport massage is great for pre and post events.

60 mins $125

90 mins $165

African Dreams


Using hot granite and cold quartz crystals to aid in detailed focus work on neck, shoulder and pressure points in face to reduce or eliminate discomfort from stress headaches and sinus pressure.  

60 mins $85

Sacred Temple


Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest gift and truly magical. Prenatal massage focuses on the mothers’ needs during pregnancy. As many moms to be, may experience upper and lower back discomfort as well as feet. Prenatal massage therapy works to relieve discomfort and encourage circulation for both you and your baby. Belly massage is also included with the session to aid in relaxation. 


Embrace this beautiful change, the miracle of creation.

60 mins $100

90 mins $150

All Zamariya treatments can add the following experiences for just $20 each

 Revitalize Scalp treatment with peppermint oil   

 Revitalize foot treatment with peppermint oils 

 Revitalize flavored oxygen

Note: We do have a 24-business hour cancellation policy for individuals; couple or groups we require 48-business hour. Please call 704-289-8811


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