Hey!!! I'm Anita the fun personality behind Zamariya, a little of my story because we all have one, I was once in the mental health field over 8 years were I assisted people with getting their lives back to "their normal" and functioning as productive adults in society. I became a therapist after things in the mental health field became over regulated, the care for people fell short and after losing a patient to an opioid overdose for pain. I still wanted to help people that were hurting, whether emotionally and/or physically.  I believe You are unique and have your own unique issues that requires skills and knowledge that’s geared specifically to your needs. I believe that the human body can heal itself when provided with specialized help.

As your pain therapist, I work to create specific protocols to help you reach your goals. So come hang out with me. Every person deserves to live their best life, PAIN FREE.

NC Licensed Massage Therapist #13702

Anita Scott

NC School of Advanced Bodywork, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Winston-Salem State University, Licensed Professional Pit Crew Athlete for major NASCAR race companies on Truck, Xfinity and Cup series, Strength and Conditioning Intern at Wake Forest University College football athlete, Winston-Salem State University 2009-2012 competing to historic National Division II Championship

As a collegiate and professional athlete, I know first-hand the drive to perform to excellence. That comes with a consistent rigorous demand on the body. That also comes with some aches and pains that, if not treated properly, can lead to failed dreams, debilitating pain and decline in function.

As your massage and bodywork therapist, I take great pride in my ability to create your treatment plan based on your individualized needs. I have worked with high school, college and professional athletes to not only treat but to focus on prevention and promote top level performance. What excites me most is to be able to assess your needs, help establish your goals and provide that treatment to help you get there! Let’s do it!

NC Licensed Massage Therapist #16356

Ricky Rozier


My name is Jamila Bey I been a Massage Therapist for 7 years now I started volunteering at a hospice before moving to Charlotte NC where since then I have worked in wellness centers, Chiropractic and various pas as well as Continuing Education in deep tissue techinque and sports massage. My approach to massage therapy is focused based on clients health and medical what their goals are for each massage I consider my massage style a combo which is a combination of Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports with a little of pressure point massage, if i feel client needs it. I love the therapeutic healing side of massage therapy and have been told I have healing hands and great energy. 

NC Licensed Massage Therapist #12840 

Jamila Bey

"Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering" Jesus

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