Who We Are.

Don't take it personally.

It's not you, it's Us.

There are just a few things concerning how we operate and why we may not be a good fit for every client who wants therapeutic massage.

The massage industry is bigger than most people realize and is growing bigger every year. This is great news for many reasons. It means more people are receiving massage therapy than ever before. People of all kinds and sizes can find the perfect massage professional for them. 

But just like any other decision you make about your health, choosing a massage therapist and company for massage take some honest consideration.


We invest time, money, and resources into developing our craft. We invest in the education, training, wellness, and even massage! We maintain all NC licensing and insurance coverage. We also attend quarterly training to keep our skills sharp.

We are not the cheapest massage therapist.

We are not for clients who don’t invest in themselves.


We do not provide employee-paid massage programs.

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